Patty B.


"I am amazed… it is a miracle in a box," said Patty, referring to FDgard®, a new medical food for the dietary management of Functional Dyspepsia (FD), that has helped her lead a normal life again. For many years, Patty experienced upper belly upset and discomfort. This made it difficult for her to go out to dinner, enjoy vacations, or have fun at brief outings with friends. She consulted with many doctors and specialists over the years, who ran the usual diagnostic and blood tests on multiple occasions. Several doctors also recommended the usual medications for general dyspepsia, which includes symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, gastroesophageal disease (GERD) or gas, which did not work for Patty.

Ultimately, Patty felt her doctors had brushed aside her symptoms, assuming things couldn’t be as bad as she described. Without definitive answers, life under these conditions was miserable. Though she experienced some breaks from her symptoms, they always returned.

About 10 years ago, the symptoms returned and Patty experienced a severe episode of upper belly upset and discomfort. "I had a bout of it after my husband and I were married and it pretty much ruined a vacation we were on," Patty said. "I managed to do all activities, but I felt terrible."

"My husband has a relationship with a prominent hospital in the country, so we flew up there a few years after we were married," she said. "I had more consultations and diagnostic tests with a new gastroenterologist, and this time, I got some answers." Her diagnosis was Functional Dyspepsia, a common and frustrating medical condition characterized as persistent or recurring indigestion with no known identifiable cause.

"My gastroenterologist recommended various holistic supplements as well as ginger," she said. These products helped somewhat as Patty had to continually use these remedies but with no long-term success. She had to remember to keep ginger in her purse with her any time she went out.

"I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to have a name for my condition," Patty said. A few years later, Patty returned to her gastroenterologist to see if any new product came out to treat Functional Dyspepsia because she was "fighting a daily battle with my symptoms."

Her gastroenterologist said that while there still isn’t a cure for Functional Dyspepsia, there is a new option, called FDgard® that is available in the digestive aisle of our local pharmacy.” That was three months ago.

"One will do anything to feel better, so my husband and I went to CVS/pharmacy and luckily found one remaining box on the shelf," Patty said. "I bought it, took it that afternoon and again the next morning. To my surprise and amazement, I felt great within a short time, and continued feeling wonderful."

Patty is very happy that her doctor could diagnose her condition as Functional Dyspepsia, as no other physician did. She is also thrilled to have FDgard® as a solution. According to Patty, "FDgard® has changed my life!"